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My name is Lee Nordbye.  I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Photography has become an obsession and is my creative outlet from my day to day work in the oil and gas world.  Learning that self imposed sleep deprivation in the interest of seeking out the ultimate astro or landscape photography is fun and exciting.  I will share my photography experiences through my blog in the hopes to help others to learn and to learn through others that I meet on this blog.


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  1. Wendy McDonald

    Hi Lee,
    Wow! Your work is amazing! Congratulations on starting your new business!

    We will have to get together next time we’re in Calgary. Do you ever come down to Lethbridge for hockey with the boys? You know you always have a place to stay!

    Thanks for the great Christmas card and update! Merry Christmas to you, Kim and the boys!

    • Lee Post author

      Hey Wendy. Thanks Sorry I did not respond sooner. I have been negligent in going to my blog. We do not get south to Lethbridge very much. If we do, we will for sure look you up. Hope you and the boys are doing well


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