The artist in you

I LOVE photography.  I bought my first DSLR in 2006 and I have considered myself a dabbler in photography since then.  This all changed at the the beginning of this year when a fire was lit in my belly by a couple great photographers Paul Zizka and Dave Brosha.  Links to their websites are below.  Since February I have taken it up as a very serious hobby.  My ultimate goal is to become a well respected Canadian Photographer that shares his vision of the world to everyone.  In this journey, I want to share the great, the good the bad and the ugly through this blog. I hope that people can learn something from my experiences and I can expand my learning through meeting people on this blog.   It is going to be about my experiences in the art and emotional side of photography.

Lesson 1

Allow yourself to be an artist – Dave Brosha spoke these words at Nights of Wonder workshop in February.  Taking these words in and allowing myself to believe I could be an artist was a defining moment in my journey.  These words allowed me to take these photographs.

The Lonely Canoe Reflections

Are these award winning photographs no, but for me they are some of my most creative photographs I have taken to date.  Equally important to Dave saying the words “allow yourself to be an artist” was me allowing myself to think that yes I can be an artist.  Being in the right state of mind and not having any emotional baggage was extremely key to me in allowing myself to start my artistic journey.

In high school, I decided I wanted to become an accountant and so I have had 30 years of living and working in a logical and analytical world, the antithesis of the art world. Over the 30 years, I was extremely ambitious in advancing my career.  The career ambition and life in general came to a head for me in 2009 when I was diagnosed with depression.  My emotional energy as well as my family’s was fully spent by helping me overcome my depression and learning how to manage my life in a very different manner.  There was no room to allow photography on a serious note into my life.  Fast forward to February, 2015 and I was now open for a new chapter.  Dave and Paul’s inspiring work and support in my photography journey has really helped me in not only my photography but my life.

So allow yourself to be an artist.  It is in EVERYONE.  For some it may be harder than others to discover, but if an accountant can discover his creativity outside of “cooking the books”, anyone can.  If the timing is not right for you, that is ABSOLUTELY ok.  I am a firm believer in the things happen for a reason.  So allow those things to happen and be patient for your journey to start.

Here is another one of my favorite images that I have taken since I started my artistic journey.  It introduces my next lesson learned that I will share in my next blog – Pushing yourself miles beyond your comfort zone.  For me this is taking quality portraits.  This one is of myself at Elbow Falls, Alberta Canada at night.


Falling over Orion

I hope you enjoyed my first blog and my future blogs.  Feel free to leave comments or email me at  I will respond to any comments or questions about my blog or photographs as quickly as possible.

Dave Brosha’s website link 

Paul Zizka link